The Complete Leader

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The Complete Leader workshop provides maximum personal insight to individual participants while delivering tangible benefits for your organization. In this workshop, each participant receives a leadership assessment which will enable them to have increased insight that will provide leverage for future growth. This assessment is The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 degree evaluation. In addition, participants are given training in Authentic Communication, Understanding Personality and Building Effective Teams.

Because implementation strengthens learning, participants will be divided into teams of four to create a PowerPoint presentation for the entire group. This presentation will include the following plans based upon the week’s training and group interaction.

  1. An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each participant along with a plan for future development.
  2. A plan to increase the leadership development of your organization.
  3. A plan to improve the communication in your organization.
  4. A plan to develop the sense of teamwork/camaraderie in your organization.

Hard copies of all presentations will be distributed to all workshop participants. Discussion will follow each presentation. Following all group presentations, all participants will develop a master plan to increase the leadership, communication and teamwork in your company that you will implement after this powerful workshop is completed. A whole new level of competitive advantage awaits you if you have the wisdom to invest in this life changing workshop.

Benefits for participants:

  1. Personal insight based upon 360 degree evaluation.
  2. A plan for future development based upon these assessments.
  3. Advanced training in leadership development, communication and team building.
  4. A chance to interact with other leaders on your team in ways that will enhance your personal insight and understanding of your team and your organization.
  5. A chance to enhance your leadership skills by developing and presenting an action plan for your organization’s increased success.

Direct Benefits to your organization:

  1. Increases insight and leadership development for all participants.
  2. A chance to understand you and your organization at a deeper level which provides leverage for transformational growth.
  3. A strategic plan for the future development of the leadership, communication and team building within your organization.

Expected Benefits from implementing the action plan developed in this workshop:

  1. More highly engaged employees.
  2. Reduced employee turnover and absenteeism.
  3. Increased alignment and focus for all members of your organization.
  4. Increased profits for your company.

You have given us the leadership skills, as a team, to focus our business purpose and overcome the obstacles standing in our way. We now have a direction with which to solve our problems.”
~ Robert B. Gwinn, DO, Family Physicians of Coshocton