Unleashing the Power of your Diverse Workforce

Prior research on diversity has focused on fixing problems, such as eradicating discrimination and tokenism (Shore et al., 2009). Today, employees seek an inclusive culture characterized by a sense of belonging (Shore et al., 2011). Workplace diversity and inclusion has become an essential ingredient to help businesses not only thrive among competitors, but also to recruit and retain top talent. For many organizational leaders, the goal of implementing effective diversity initiatives remains elusive.

This interactive session will:

  • Begin with a pop-quiz, testing and educating the participants with diversity related facts and demographics.
  • Help participants learn about and engage in a discussion of the elements that drive inclusiveness, as well as factors that create division and apathy.
  • Teach attendees valuable strategies to help them aid clients (and themselves) to increase awareness of and overcome biases and related fears.
  • Assist the group to define and get clarification on the differences between diversity and inclusion and then move into a discussion of why diversity is such a hard topic for others to talk about and how it impacts employees, leaders, and their organizations.