Succession Planning

What one client says about succession planning with ILS:

“We hired ILS to help us with succession planning. We are delighted with the progress made to date. Our ILS consultant helped us get to the bottom of the tough issues that stood in the way of a successful succession plan.”

– Brian Burgett, CEO, Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.

Why do Succession Planning?

To insure that:

  • The next generation is prepared when the present generation is ready to retire.
  • Your company doesn’t experience a disruption of growth when the leadership succession takes place.
  • You have a purposeful, well-thought out plan to implement instead of having to do it in an emergency.
  • Your younger employees have the security of knowing the company will be there long after the current leadership retires.

What is involved in succession planning and how long does it last?

  • Identifying which leaders need to be replaced and the positions to be filled, then creating job descriptions for each position if not already created.
  • Developing a timeline for the leadership transition to take place.
  • Identifying the high potential candidates to succeed the present leadership.
  • Having each of these candidates complete a 360 degree assessment.
  • Developing a plan to prepare these candidates to fill the present leadership positions. This includes coaching, training, shadowing and project management.

This process typically takes one year and involves one-day per month visits from your ILS consultant.

Why hire ILS to do your succession planning?

We are professionally trained. We have extensive experience doing succession planning in many industries in different sized companies.

We are certified to administer the best 360 degree leadership assessment tool in the business, The Leadership Circle Profile™.

We have our own ILS Leadership Institute which forms the template for leadership preparation inside your company. We then tailor this process to fit the needs of your organization.

What are the benefits your company can expect from succession planning with ILS?


You have peace of mind that:

  1. You have the right people, in the right seats on the bus.
  2. They are well trained and prepared to take over.
  3. Your company did not experience a disruption in service due to inconsistent leadership.
  4. Your employees stayed engaged, serving your customers and have not been distracted by the lack of succession planning.


Now that you know all of the benefits you could receive, why wait?

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