Executive Coaching

Proof that ILS coaching works

According to our research, the average ILS coaching client experiences:

  • 60% improvement in their ability to focus
  • 59% improvement in their self confidence.
  • 55% improvement in their ability to lead others.
  • 54% improvement in their level of engagement at work.
  • 52% improvement in their relationship with their peers.
  • 45% improvement in their ability to stay calm under stress.
  • 36% improvement in work/life balance.
  • 35% improvement in their relationship with their subordinates.
  • 32% improvement in their relationship with their supervisor.

Why hire an executive coach?

You could benefit from hiring an ILS coach if one of the following sounds like you:

  • You feel like your job is putting out fires. You don’t have time to develop your employees or work on long term strategy because you are constantly reacting to problems.
  • You aren’t getting the results you know you deserve at work. You know you are talented, but you do not feel that you are living up to your potential.
  • You feel stuck but you can’t put your finger on why.
  • You have good ideas about how to develop your business, but you are looking for a professional sounding board to help you harness this creativity into a successful strategy for the future development of your career or your business.
  • You’re having difficulty keeping balance between home and office. It seems like you spend too many hours at work. Too often you think about work when you are home and you think about home when you are at work.
  • You are adept at your chosen field of endeavor, but you want to develop your ability to lead people.

What is involved in coaching and how long does it last?

Coaching generally lasts up to a year. You meet with your ILS coach from one to four times per month with each visit lasting fifty minutes. These sessions are generally held in our office, but can also be done via telephone. You and your coach will agree on homework assignments. It is very important that you do your homework if you decide to hire a coach. Change only takes place when you implement the insights from coaching on a consistent basis.

Coaching generally proceeds through the following phases:

  • Phase I – Intake: This phase lasts for one to two sessions and consists of gathering the following information:
    1. A list of the biggest challenges you face
    2. Your history. This is an important tool to help you understand what changes you must consider making in order to achieve your goals.
    3. Your goals for coaching.
  • Phase II – Gaining Insight: This phase usually lasts from 1-3 months. During this phase, your coach will work diligently to help you understand how your reactive tendencies are actually creating the challenges you listed in Phase I. The insights created in this phase create tremendous leverage to help you change these behaviors and acquire the behaviors necessary to achieve your goals. This phase is often strengthened by the use of The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360 degree evaluation.
  • Phase III – Transformation: This phase usually lasts from 3-9 months. During this phase your ILS coach will work with you to help you achieve your goals. We do this in two ways:
    1. We help you identify the beliefs that are holding you back and partner with you to develop homework assignments to help destroy old reactive beliefs and transform them into new beliefs that create sustainable leadership for you and your organization.
    2. We teach you to integrate your thoughts, emotions and behaviors so that you become a more authentic leader who never allows your environment to determine your results. As an authentic leader, you become the architect of the successful future you deserve!
  • Phase IV – Perpetuation: This phase usually lasts from 1-3 months. During this phase, you and your coach work to solidify the gains you have made in Phase III. Authentic habits are reinforced. Any reactive tendencies are discouraged. This phase insures that the changes you have worked so hard to achieve will last a lifetime.

Why hire an ILS coach?

We are professionally trained. We are all either psychologists or are trained by psychologists. No quick fixes here. We get the problem out by the roots and make sure you get results that last a lifetime.

  1. We typically coach face to face. Most of our competition coaches exclusively over the telephone, and we do only when necessary. Since over half of communication is non-verbal, we help you gain insights that others will miss.
  2. We are certified to administer the best 360 degree leadership assessment tool in the business, The Leadership Circle Profile™.
  3. We offer a money back guarantee. If at any time during your coaching, you do not feel you are getting value for your investment, we will gladly refund that month’s fee to you.

What are the benefits you can expect from hiring an ILS coach?

  1. You will improve your ability to focus.
  2. You will learn how to effectively manage stress.
  3. You will improve your leadership skills.
  4. You will learn how to more effectively empower your subordinates.
  5. You will gain a better understanding of how to create more value for your customers.
  6. You will improve your communication skills.
  7. You will get better financial results.

What benefits can your company expect as a result of your coaching?

  1. Higher productivity from you.
  2. Lower turnover in your department.
  3. Increased morale from you and your direct reports.
  4. Increased customer satisfaction.
  5. Reduced cost and increased revenue.