Proof that ILS consulting works!

According to our research, the average ILS consulting client experiences:

  • 80% improvement in their understanding of their organization’s goals
  • 80% improvement in their sense that employees are aligned to accomplish those goals
  • 84% improvement in people being held accountable
  • 69% improvement in the morale of their employees
  • 50% improvement in the decisiveness of leadership
  • 37% improvement in their sense that employees are being developed through training
  • 61% improvement in their sense that their inputs are appreciated at work
  • 50% improvement in the sense of teamwork
  • 67% improvement in the level of trust between management and employees
  • 43% improvement in the level of commitment of their employees

Why hire an ILS consultant for your organization?

You could benefit from hiring an ILS coach if one of the following sounds like your organization:

  • You are not getting the financial return on investment you feel that you deserve.
  • Your employees do not seem to care about the success of your business as much as you would like. They are not highly engaged.
  • You have a reactive culture. Everyone is in a big hurry all of the time. It seems like you can never catch up, and important tasks never seem to get done.
  • You feel like you are not getting the best out of your people. No matter how hard you work you never seem to be able to break through to the next level.
  • You have silos within your business. Instead of competing with other companies, employees in different areas seem to compete with each other.
  • Your customers are not as satisfied as you wish they were. Complaints are too commonplace and too many errors are being made.
  • Your turnover and absenteeism are higher than you wish they were. You spend too much time hiring and training new employees.

What is involved in consulting and how long does it last?

Consulting generally lasts up to a year and proceeds through the following steps:


  1. Discovery: This phase of the consulting process is designed to uncover the challenges your organization is facing. In this phase we ask the leadership and selected members of the staff where the company is now and where they would like to see the company. These meetings are done one-on-one or in small groups. In each meeting comments are summarized and suggested solutions are listed.
  2. Planning: After all information is collected in the discovery phase, a member of the ILS staff will meet with your leadership to review the information, boil it down and come up with a few selected initiatives to focus on to move your culture to the next level.
  3. Implementation: Once the goals for change have been set, your ILS representative will guide this process and make sure that the day-to-day challenges of your job do not derail it. In this phase, the goals of the project are broken down into action items and assigned to various groups of employees. Those employees are then supported as they implement those changes. This phase concludes when management agrees that original goals have been achieved.
  4. Maintenance: In order for change to become permanent it must become a habit. In this phase your ILS representative will meet with your staff on a less frequent basis to solicit feedback on how the change effort has taken hold and on any problems that may have developed.

Why hire an ILS consultant?

  1. We are professionally trained. We are all either psychologists or are trained by psychologists. No quick fixes here. We get the problem out by the roots and make sure you get results that last a lifetime.
  2. We work with the individual leaders and with the team. Each leader in your organization is partly responsible for its problems. We coach all of your top leaders individually to help them lead more effectively. We also work in groups to assist your team in implementing changes to your culture which will insure your future success.
  3. We use The Leadership Circle Profile in all of our consulting. This 360 assessment tool is setting a new standard in leadership assessment.
    1. Most surveys are a laundry list of behaviors. TLCP integrates well-researched leadership competencies into a unified framework.
    2. Most surveys merely report high and low scores. TLCP framework shows leaders both how they are doing and spotlights the hidden motivators that drive successful and unsuccessful behaviors.
    3. Most surveys overwhelm managers with a lot of un-integrated data. Using TLCP, managers can quickly see the whole story and gain insights into their creative strengths, the competencies that need development, and the deeper issues that need to be addressed to be better leaders.

What benefits can your company expect as a result of hiring an ILS consultant?

  1. Your managers will gain a greater understanding of how to lead and motivate their employees.
  2. Your employees will be more productive and motivated at work.
  3. Your employees will be able to communicate more effectively with each other.
  4. The level of trust and camaraderie in your company will increase.
  5. Your employees will gain a greater understanding of how their job is related to overall company goals.


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