Building Exceptional Teams

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So often members of businesses spend so much time serving customers and solving problems, that they don’t take the time to do the necessary work to maintain and develop the bonds of their team. This seminar focuses on developing the four areas which research shows to be critical in the development of effective teams:

1) Sense of a common mission
2) Commitment by all members
3) Sense of interdependence
4) Accountability of all members

This fun, energizing, insightful workshop is guaranteed to help you reconnect with your teammates, talk through problems that may be holding you back, and develop a plan to move forward into the future!

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Spend two hours on each of the critical team building areas listed above.
  • Engage in activities which bond your team together and drive home lessons you can take back to the office.
  • Have discussions and breakouts which focus the workshop on areas of particular concern to your team.
  • Develop a four pronged action plan for your team’s development in the upcoming months.

I liked learning more about people I work with and getting different viewpoints from others within the department.
I got some good ideas on how to view issues/gaps and how to go about implementing changes.”
~ Workshop Participant