Building and Sustaining Trust

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This workshop explores foundational aspects of trust such as integrity, courageous authenticity and vulnerability and how to cultivate these vital aspects in order to build stronger personal and professional relationships. Building and sustaining trust is an essential piece of effective leadership; however, without being aware of it, many leaders act in ways counterproductive to building trust. On the contrary, others are aware of the need to improve trust in their relationships but are unsure how to do so. The goal of this session is to provide insight into the behaviors that positively and negatively affect trust and to provide an environment in which participants can openly explore ways they can improve their ability to build trusting relationships.

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Understand the importance of trust in networking and work relationships.
  • Identify behaviors that both positively and negatively impact trust.
  • Consider barriers to trust in relationships with others unlike themselves.
  • Begin or further personal work around how to create and foster trusting relationships.

This workshop was very engaging. I liked the variety of talk, video, and group discussion.”
~ Leadership Workshop participant