Authentic Leadership with 360 ° Assessment

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This workshop utilizes the insights of The Leadership Circle Profile™ (TLCP 360° assessment) to provide a powerful plan for a leader’s development. Each participant takes TLCP and receives feedback from others before attending the workshop. Early in the session, our facilitator will assist participants in understanding how to interpret their results and develop action plans for the future. This communication in this portion of the workshop has the added benefit of helping your group come together as a team. While sharing and comparing your leadership profiles you naturally enter into conversations about how to move your company forward. Using this energy, your ILS facilitator will then guide you in creating an action plan based upon the vision you have created in your discussions. This extremely powerful workshop is sure to empower and energize your team as few other experiences can!

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Take The Leadership Circle Profile™ 360° assessment tool and receive a personal feedback report.
  • Gain an understanding of your reactive behaviors that can be changed to help you become a more effective leader.
  • Work with your teammates to understand your leadership style.
  • Make a master plan for your future development which utilizes the Authentic Leadership workshop and the insights from TLCP.
  • Make a master plan for your team to help reshape your culture into one that will help take your organization to the next level.

By using The Leadership Circle Profile™, I feel that you allowed each of us to see how we could become more effective leaders. We walked away with a renewed sense of energy for our vision and a greater understanding of where we as a team needed to proceed over the next six months.”
~ LMichael W. Carrel, MBA, Officer, Process Management, Nationwide