ILS – Statement of Values

Authentic Leadership:

  • We act with emotional intelligence in all that we do.
  • We act with integrity. We will not cut corners on ethics to succeed.
  • We manage our character, not our reputation.
  • We remain committed to authentic growth of our organization and ourselves. Because of this we do not shy away from benevolent confrontation.
  • We utilize research based practices.
  • We believe that the foundations of trust are transparency and vulnerability, thus we behave this way with our teammates and our clients.
  • We understand that mistakes are a part of the learning process.  Thus, we embrace and learn from mistakes.


  • We always put the team’s success before our own success. This does not mean we ignore our own needs, but we think of what is best for the team first.
  • We do not seek personal attention.
  • We do not compete with each other. We value selfless support of team members.
  • We validate our teammates when they succeed and support them when they don’t,
  • Each of us will strive to behave in a fashion that engenders the trust and respect of our teammates.
  • We admit when we are wrong.
  • We apologize when we hurt a teammate.
  • We laugh a lot, especially at ourselves.  We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.


  • We do this work because it is our calling, not our job.
  • We constantly push ourselves and each other to be the best that we can be.
  • We embrace the discomfort that results in growth.
  • We constantly strive to fulfill our dreams and the dreams of our clients.
  • We are constantly striving to learn and improve because of this we embrace the mistakes that are a necessary part of growth and development. We are intensely curious about leadership development.
  • We are scrappy. We are happy to do the mundane tasks necessary to provide excellent service to our customers.


  • We believe that a great life consists of a balance between our clients, our families, our communities, and ourselves.
  • We are committed to being healthy in mind, body and soul.
  • We are committed to supporting the world community, not just our clients. Therefore, we will donate and raise money to support those communities.


  • Our word is our bond.
  • We always do what we say we will do for our clients, our vendors and our team mates.
  • We show up early, we leave late, and we do more than is asked of us. Every time.


  • We believe that the most powerful force for change in the world is love.
  • We also believe that the love we share for each other and our clients will be our most lasting legacy on earth. Because of this, we believe that diversity and inclusion are the hallmarks of any great team.
  • We believe that it takes tremendous courage to share this love with each other and our clients.
  • This willingness to have the courage to love is our greatest competitive advantage.