ILS – Our History

ILS was started by Steven L. Anderson, Ph.D, MBA in 2001. Initially, Steve focused on executive coaching. This business grew slowly at first, but by its fourth year it became necessary to expand and hire an office manager. In its sixth year ILS hired another consultant and began doing more consulting and training. ILS has always focused on developing the emotional intelligence of the leaders of the companies it works with. Our philosophy is that businesses with emotionally intelligent leaders are successful businesses.

Apparently this philosophy works, because we have grown an average of 25% every year in business. We now employ 6 consultants who do leadership training all over the country. Four years ago, we started a leadership institute that included eight classes, a 360, monthly coaching and a project. This institute started off slowly, but has grown every year. This year we have four full classes and cannot take any new business for the next few months. Our vision is to become the most effective leadership development organization in the world. With that in mind, we opened an office in Los Angeles in January of 2016.