Community Service

We believe that as a business it is our obligation and privilege to be a good neighbor and contribute to our community. As such, we have committed to creating a sustainable future for all living things. Why? Because we are convinced that an abundant future for all living things will only be possible if we maintain the natural environment on which we depend for our survival.

So, how are we making a difference? First, our president, Steve Anderson, is on the board of advisors for Conservation International. Because of this connection to Conservation International, every year we have raised funds to protect and restore the rainforests and oceans of our world, including 10% of our profits. To date, we have raised over $400,000 and received $11 million of matching grants from our work. Please click here to see the amount of funds raised and projects involved over the last six years. Finally, we have created our own charity, called Force of Nature that is a consortium of businesses who have banded together to help protect and restore our environment. Click this link to learn more about the Force of Nature.

Click here if you wish to Donate to Conservation International.